Stick to the Message and use good English

I think everyone has seen the video of Mary Fallin blaming the schools for going to a four day week because of the budget which she kind of signed. If not, you can find it.
I don’t know how many people the governor has heard from, but her number is on the state web site. Everyone with a phone can call! (Sorry, that was snarky. Well, not very sorry, but a little sorry.  Lets get this done. ) You can search the group posts for the video (nice feature). And here is the contact information for the governor. She may as well start hearing from you now. You can wait for business hours tomorrow. And if you hear anything interesting when you call, please do share what you hear, especially if it is informative, interesting, or dumb.
Please be respectful and stick to the issues. Use professional language.

You should also remember that you are part of a larger cause.  Anything said, good or bad, reflects on all of us.  Is this fair?  Of course not.  But that is the way humans seem to be wired.   Members of high school bands large and small get told this early in their career: “Be careful what you do and say while you are in uniform.   Anything negative you do reflects on the entire band and, if we are out of town, our entire community.   (Not to mention the  band staff.)  Say your piece, but avoid things that would reflect poorly if they went viral on social media.

Here would be an example of a good call you could use as a guide (or not.)
Hello! My name is (insert name here) and I live in _______. I am calling to let Governor Fallin know that I was disappointed with her criticism of schools that had adopted four day school weeks. I am sure that there are businesses who have complained to her about this. But I wonder if she missed the point. They may be horrified by the idea that our schools are so poorly funded that they can’t afford to operate five days a week. Obviously, any business finance person that looks at our funding rankings is going to know that the problem is state funding and not local school administrators.
Thanks for taking my call. 
This call would communicate several things. 
  • Your city and region of the state
    Your feelings about the governors remark
  • You understand that it is important to make a good impression on businesses.
  • It re-frames the issue of why business are concerned about coming to our state.
  • It suggests that if politicians were better informed the problem would be easy to understand.  Of course, the governor is a politician, but this criticism is indirect and may be more effective because of it.
  • Please note that it is OK to have an angry undertone to your voice.   But keep your head.


Here is a script that is unacceptable.    I can certainly lapse into this vernacular.  I come by it honestly.  But it sends a bad message about who you are as well as the movement we represent.

Howdy!  Is this Governor Fallin’s office?  Because if she is there I want to let her know how mad I am about her stupid a** comments about schools that have a four day work week.  Any idiot could see that is our loser legislatures fault passing all those stupid a**  tax and budget cuts and then blaming on the schools for not having any money, which raises the question of go straight to hell!  They all need to get off their fat rears and do their stinking jobs and get us out of this hot mass mess.   And if you don’t fix it we are gonna vote all y’all out.

You’ll be hearing from me if you don’t fix this.

Bye, loser.

That was kind of fun to write, but that was all  really bad.  Let’s keep it on the up and up.



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