Never Mess with a Momma Bear Protecting Her Young


I have never read a political editorial before that attacked an individual parent who was advocating for education. This is just insane. The parent was attacked because the writer did not agree with the list of candidates supported by Oklahoma Parents and Educators for Education and some statements attributed to the parent. The list of supported candidates by this Facebook group includes Democrats and Republicans and at least one Independent, as I recall. And it includes incumbents, challengers, and those running for open seats. The board of this group actually makes the selections. It includes teachers, parents, and school administrators and also includes Republicans and Democrats.  This is an amazing thing in a state with little bipartisan joy. Even if the criticisms were accurate (and that is a large IF) criticizing one person for the list is shows total ignorance about how the process worked.

This parent, Angela Clark Little, is supporting Adam Pugh in the primary. Pugh’s opponent, who shall not be named here, also ran an attack ad against her. It mentioned her by name!!  Angela is not running for office.  She is just a concerned parent who is making a difference. One might assume that a candidate who also is an ordained minister might have second thoughts about attacking a woman.   This assumption would be incorrect. There also seems to be an assumption that a little criticism might shut up Angela and the Oklahoma Parents and Educators for Education.  Perhaps the thinking is that if they are attacked they will all go home and cry and never be heard from again. Oops.
So I have changed my Facebook profile picture in support of Oklahoma Education, Adam Pugh, and Angela.   My state senator is not running this year, so I may as well support Adam.
Oddly, Angela is treated with a great deal of respect by friend and foe alike in the state legislature. So the criticisms are inaccurate — and clueless. It is a common tactic in politics. If you can’t win on the issues then you attack the person.  But usually campaigns attack the opponent, not one supporter.  I predict (and I have a good track record predicting politics) that this will turn out to be a poor tactic. Hide and watch. In the political bar fight of Oklahoma Politics, I want Angela on my side.  Beware the karma coming from unwise aggression.

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