Register to Vote and Join the Fracas

I love the word “fracas.”

Ahem…  I just posted this on my Facebook page and I reread it and liked it so I am adding this to this blog. And I can share this in a tweet.

I wish I had thought of this before. Maybe it will catch on or maybe it is the stupidest idea ever. I am too much of a nerd to know.

We are in an interesting political cycle now. People of all political stripes are beginning to realize that voting might actually be important.

I have seen more than a few selfies with the first drivers license or a college ID. Because these things are cool firsts. So why don’t new voters post a selfie with your brand new Voter Registration Card? It could just be you and the card.. or you could include a favorite issue or candidate. I wouldn’t but you can.

You could have a picture of you and your card and a firearm. Or a feel the Bern sticker. Or both. Who knows? And if you are a brave adult who is far over 18 who finally registered to vote your picture may inspire others to do the same thing.

You might want to hide your personal information, right?

You don’t have to dump a bucket of ice water over your head or anything. Just register to vote so you can express your opinion at the ballot box.



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