EOI Tests Waste Time and Money

Teachers have tried to tell anyone who would listen that the EOI tests were a huge waste of time.   We are close to getting rid of at least some of this scourge. The entire program needs to go.

This entry is largely based on my response to an article posted online.  One thing that did not seem appropriate in the post.  The little secret of the End of Instruction Tests is that they were NOT given at the end of instruction.  It was not unusual for the EOI tests to be given a full month before the end of school.  Perhaps this was done to accommodate the testing companies.  But it makes absolute no sense to give a test that can have such a huge impact on a student’s future after only eight months of a nine month school year.  This makes no sense to parents, students, teachers, school administrators, and virtually every Oklahoman who hears about it. But it seems like a good idea to those who defend EOI tests.   Such is the world of education reform these days.

Now for the other good stuff:

The high school GPA is and has always been one of the most reliable indicators of college success. It was recently confirmed in another study that examined college students attending colleges that allow but do not require students to submit an ACT or SAT score with admission. Not only that, college GPA’s closely track high school GPA’s regardless of the testing results.

In the current fiscal climate spending $18 million a year on tests that largely confirmed the results of the teachers grades is at least questionable. Some would say foolish. The numbers of students who passed the courses who failed the EOI’s was very small. I firmly believe that some legislators expected large numbers of students from our so-called “failing schools” to fail the EOI tests. It was an expensive experiment but it is time for EOI’s to go. All of them. Students that did well in class did well on their EOI’s.

And here is the most recent study from the National Association of College Admissions Counselors. The sample size, over 100K students and the methodology appear to be sound.



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